Lighting Fixtures and Lamps – High Quality Can Still Be Found, But Not at Home Improvement Centers

When a home owner thinks of home décor the interior of the home is usually what springs to mind. Home décor pertains to not just picture frames, mirrors, window treatments and furniture, but lighting as well. What of the outside of the home?

The exterior of the home and yard should be treated as an extension of the home’s interior. Motifs can be wide ranging, but fortunately there are hundreds of lighting manufacturers which carry thousands of different light designs, materials and sizes. With all of these options the home owner would think that, in order to obtain that perfect design to complement the home’s decor, one would be able to stroll right in any specialty lighting store and pick up the desired model. Sadly, that is not the case.

Profit margins have become much thinner in the past 15 years as the big block home improvement centers have saturated the retail landscape. In response, there are fewer and fewer independent lighting boutiques. Now, the majority of home owners only need drive a few minutes to their local hardware store. Unfortunately these behemoths have focused on moving lights and lamps in volume and have very limited variety.

Often, quality has been sacrificed in favor of selling large quantities of mass produced lighting fixtures. Rarely will you be able to even order a good quality light fixture from the large hardware stores. The alternative is to visit a boutique which specializes in lamps, lighting and other fixtures.

Because of the fact that most of these independently owned specialty lighting shops can not match the financial strength of the large home improvement stores, they will not usually stock mass quantities of the same lighting fixture, but focus more on variety and range of styles and materials. Most of these stores rely on large catalogs which can take hours to leaf through. For this reason, many stores will have multiple copies to allow customers to “checkout” the catalogs.

On the off chance that the home owner is unable to find just the right style to complement the rest of the home, custom made orders are available. As expected, any custom made lighting will have a modest increase in price and most likely a deposit will be necessary. It is important to note that it is almost a universal policy of most shops that should the order be canceled or returned after the lighting fixture has been crafted a restocking fee will be assessed to cover the bare minimum of the stores cost. Sometimes the deposit will be non-refundable for this reason alone.

Landscaping – A Guide on Improving Your Home

A lot of people give emphasis on designing their landscape to make a nice place for recreational activities and lifestyle than the value it give to the property. If you want to do a major home improvement, then landscaping is the solution to your problem. The most common design is the relaxed, informal landscape design. This is expected since a home must be the venue where you can achieve ultimate relaxation, but bear in mind that front yard landscaping will allow your home to stand out from the rest and will affect your guests’ first impression.

The front yard landscaping makes a different feeling and influences other people’s impression about it. Such area will give you a sense of pleasure or it may give you a soothing feeling. However, it may be a source of annoyance if it does not look the way you imagined it to be.

Most people consider the front yard landscaping as the life of their opinion on the house and it will greatly affect the value of the property. You may not mind what others think of your property when you are not interested in disposing your home. You have to remember that the value of any house is closely related to the value of the environment properties and probable homebuyers can easily be discouraged from an entire area by having one bad house in the neighborhood, even if they do not consider it buying. If you do not like to improve your front yard landscaping, you too will be turned off in the entire area. Thus, pulling down the value of the external properties, in effect decreasing the value you may have paid for in the future.

Remember this suggestion when you plan to buy a home. You have to give your full attention to the external look of the house, since this is a major factor in helping increase the value to your house.

If you are thinking of getting a house, you have to take a look at how you will design your front yard landscaping. It must compliment to the look of your house. There are already a lot of designs that you can choose from. You can add color to your dull landscape buy planting flowers. You can pick those followers that have bright colors. In this way, it can be attractive. Just do not overcrowd the plants so that it will not look too messy.

Bear in mind that whenever you design your front yard landscaping, it must integrate with the property itself. Try to look at it from the outsides and inside of the house. Make sure the appearance got the kind of look that you want on your front yard. Do no get too excited with the renovation; be careful in choosing the design since everything you do to your house will automatically affect its value.